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Slippery Squid

Slippery Squid is an innovative collective at the nexus of music and technology. With their roots in electronic music, Slippery Squid pushes the boundaries of sound, creating immersive sonic experiences that transcend genres. Blending intricate beats, hypnotic melodies, and cutting-edge technology, their music transports listeners to new realms.

Founded on a shared passion for exploration, Slippery Squid's members harness the power of electronic instruments and digital tools to craft their unique sonic signature and storytelling. From pulsating club anthems to ethereal soundscapes, Slippery Squid invites you on a journey into the future of music.

Slippery Squid offer:

- Music Production Services

- Live Music Entertainment

- Video Production Services

- Audio recording and Production

Please contact to discuss what Slippery Squid can do for you


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Leaving With You Video

Guordan Banks, Cosmic Caviar - Leaving With You

Slippery Squid helped with the production of the official Music Video for Guordan Banks and Cosmic Caviar and subsequentially Remixed their song with their "Leaving With You - Slippery Squid Remix"


Leaving With You - Remix
Ocean Dream
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